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Tips for Parents and Guardians

How Can Parents Help With Homework

1. Show you think Education and Homework are Important

  • Do you set a regular time everyday for homework?
  • Does your child have the papers, books, pencils, and other things needed to do assignments?
  • Does your child have a fairly quiet place to study with lots of light?
  • Do you set a good example by reading and writing yourself?
  • Do you stay in touch with your child's teachers?

2. Monitor Assignments

  • Do you know what your child's homework assignments are? How long they should take? How the teacher wants you to be involved?
  • Do you see that assignments are started and completed?
  • Do you read the teacher's comments on assignments that are returned?
  • Is TV viewing cutting into your child's homework time?

3. Provide Guidance

  • Do you understand and respect your child's style of learning? Do they work better alone or with someone else? Do they learn best when they can see things, hear them or handle them?
  • Do you help your child get organized? Does your child need a calendar or assignment book? A bag for books and a folder for papers?
  • Do you encourage your child to develop good study habits?
  • Do you talk with your child about homework assignments? Does he/she understand them?

4. Talk with someone at school when problems come up

  • Do you meet the teacher early in the year before any problems arise?
  • If a problem does comes up, do you meet with the teacher?
  • Do you cooperate with the teacher and your child to work out a plan and schedule to fix homework problems?

Do you follow up with the teacher and with your child to make sure the plan is working?

How Can Parents/Guardians Help With School Success

Provide a quiet place to study.

Require a consistent time each night to study.

If no homework is indicated in the Assignment Book, use time to review or study.

Discuss other options you can provide if your student is struggling (parent/guardian help, tutor, Homework Club...)

Provide positive feedback and affirmation when your student stays on task.

Surprise your student with a reward from time to time.

Praise good study and homework skills.

Take an interest in topics being studied and discuss them at home.

Enrich classroom learning topics with additional materials and/or experiences.

Help with organization of materials and schedules if your student has difficulty with organizational skills or time management.

Adhere to appropriate bedtime for school nights.

Initiate regular contact with teachers when necessary.