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School Counseling

John F. Kennedy Middle School
School Counseling Office
(860) 628-3275, x 14006

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The services offered by the J.F.K School Counselors assist in students' development of a positive and realistic self concept, as part of their educational experience. These self concepts will help them understand and accept themselves, and others, in relation to the world in which we live. The implementation of the schoolwide Guidance Curriculum intends to inspire students to make effective decisions, assist in developing their philosophies of life, and can lead to continued learning in the areas of individual needs and interests.

Counseling services are available to all students during their middle school experience.

Counselors provide individual, group, and crisis counseling for students.

Counselors serve as consultants to parents, teachers, and administrators regarding test interpretation, career planning, and academic progress and placement.

Counselors provide developmental services that will assist all students in reaching their maximum academic, social, and personal potential.

Counselors provide schoolwide classroom activities for all students, as defined in Southington K - 12 Developmental Guidance Curriculum, 2005.

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Attention Parents- Course Registration Information

The 2024-25 course registration portal for middle school students entering 6, 7, or 8th grade opens February 27th at 3pm and will be open until March 8th.

Directions for Registration

SHS Program of Studies 2023-2024

Introduction to World Language

In Southington, grade 7 middle school students who take a World Language can choose between French and Spanish. Students study the language during grades 7 and 8. Upon successful completion of grade 8, students continue to the second year of study at Southington High School (i.e. French 2 or Spanish 2) or have the option of switching languages to one of the five offered at the high school (French, Italian, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish).

Click the following flyer to learn more about taking a World Language in 7th grade.

Introduction to World Language